Stroke Recovery

Does This Sound Like you?

  • Weakness in the arm(s) and/or leg(s)
  • Unsteady when walking or standing
  • Impaired balance
  • Difficulty thinking, remembering, or recognizing things
  • Difficulty moving your body or difficulty with coordination

Do You feel this way?

  • Feelings of weakness, stiffness, or numbness
  • Sad, angry, frustrated, fear, and/or depressed about the changes you’ve experience after the stroke
  • Lack of energy/strength to perform normal household chores, recreational activities, and/or job duties
  • Loss of interest in things you used to enjoy

What Can I do to help my difficulty?

  • Exercise regularly - keep your body moving through stretching and strengthening
  • Move your affected limb more regularly to maintain and regain function
  • Stay socially active - talk with your friends and family, continue to participate in social events
  • Schedule an appointment with us

What will we do for you

  • Relearn basic skills such as bed mobility, getting up from a chair, walking, etc.
  • Restore movement
  • Regain control and independence in everyday situations
  • Increase strength, balance, and endurance
  • Teach you strategies to make you more functional at home, work, or in the community
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