Spinal Cord Injury

Does This Sound Like you?

  • Do you have difficulty walking or are you unable to walk since your accident?
  • Do you require assistance from others to transfer into/out of bed?
  • Do you have tightness and spasticity in your stomach, arms or legs?
  • Do you have bowel/bladder dysfunction?

Do You feel this way?

  • Can't do the activities you used to enjoy?
  • Can't perform your job duties?
  • Can't perform activities of daily living?
  • Have a hard time moving around?

What Can I do to help?

  • Make a decision about how you want to get help
  • See your doctor
  • KEEP MOVING! It is important that people who have had spinal cord injury exercise to prevent secondary complications and to enhance mobility in spared muscles.
  • Schedule an appointment with us!

What will we do for you

  • Educate you on how your injury has affected your body
  • Recommend and fit for specialized equipment like wheelchairs, cushions and adaptive equipment
  • Create an individualized exercise program to enhance the movement you still had
  • Stimulate the muscles affected by the injury to enhance potential for muscle recovery
  • Teach you and your caregivers how to perform a stretching technique to relieve tightness

Ways we have helped this condition in the past

  • Improve independence to decrease amount of assistance required from others for transferring, walking, or maneuvering wheelchair
  • Prevent pressure ulcers or teach you or your caregiver how to care for and decrease pressure on a wound you may already have
  • Give you your best chance at muscle return in muscles affected by accident
  • Provide strength and energy to perform activities of daily living
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