Does This Sound Like you?

  • Recently involved in a motor vehicle accident
  • Sustained a blow to the head
  • Had a whip-lash accident
  • Wave surfed head first into Little Beach and woke up in the ER with a headache and smile like a West Virginian
  • Lost consciousness after a blow to the head

Do You feel this way?

  • Frequent intense headaches
  • Blurry vision/Difficulty focusing gaze
  • Sensitive to light and sound
  • Nagging symptoms that seem like they should be gone by now
  • Sudden onset dizziness
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Forgetfulness or foggy-headedness

What Can I do to help my pain/difficulty?

  • ***If you have been in an accident or suffered a violent blow to your head (even if you maintained consciousness) seek emergency medical attention immediately***
  • If you have sustained a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury you should rest and avoid strenuous activity, mentally demanding tasks, bright/intense light, loud environments, and anything that may be stimulating for 72 hours. After symptoms have subsided you should continue to avoid known irritants and slowly progress back to normal activities. Be aware that individual responses to concussions can vary dramatically based on the individual's physiology and the severity and location of injury.
  • If symptoms persist visit your primary care physician or neurologist to have your symptoms
  • Schedule an appointment with us

What will we do for you

  • Educate you on what to expect during the recovery process, how to appropriately progress back to normal activities without exacerbating symptoms, and strategies to accelerate the recovery process
  • Refer you to appropriate medical professionals to address issues that are outside the physical therapy scope of practice
  • Reduce neck pain, restore normal cervical joint mechanics, restore normal
  • Address vertigo and cervicogenic dizziness that are common following a head trauma
  • Improve balance and special awareness deficits that commonly arise following a concussion
  • Help you safely and quickly return to sport or normal activities while minimizing the risk of recurrent symptoms
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