The Intern Experience

by venturept, June 14, 2016

Kate Allen
St. Augustine, Clinical II 2016 Internship



“When I first saw the opportunity to have an internship in Hawaii, I thought why not, an internship in paradise sounds amazing. I quickly signed up not knowing what town or even what island it was on. I just wanted to be in the sunshine and the crystal clear blue waters. Looking back now, I realize yes I did enjoy the clear blue waters, the constant sunshine, and the warm sand, but I don’t think I would have nearly enjoyed Maui as much if I had worked at another physical therapy clinic. From the moment I walked in to the moment I left this clinic, it felt like home. The staff at Venture Physical Therapy is a hard one to come by nowadays. They treat you as if you were family and constantly research and collaborate to provide the best quality treatment for their patients.
I, luckily, had the opportunity to have Liz as my clinical instructor. She opened my eyes to numerous treatment options for my patients and taught me so much within the two months I was there. Coming from the same clinical background as Liz, as she attended the same university as I did, I realized how much Liz devoted her time and efforts to enhance her skills beyond our universities teachings. With that drive and dedication Liz demonstrated, it shows that Venture Physical Therapy is on the cutting edge for physical therapy as they approach each patient as an individual and create treatment’s based on that individual’s needs.
I also had the pleasure to work alongside Ted, Kelly, and Aimee, each willing to assist me with any questions about a patient’s treatment and challenge me to think beyond what is typically done to help my patients’ reach their max potential. Each therapist at this clinic provides their own bag of tricks and collectively help each other making the clinic a work of art in patient care. Furthermore, they are the nicest and most compassionate group of people I have ever met. They are willing to go above and beyond for you by providing one on one evidenced based treatments that are dictated by your personal needs and goals.
From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, Venture Physical Therapy will make you feel a part of their Ohana by providing the best quality patient care by therapists who truly care about each individual that enters their clinic.
So thank you Venture Physical Therapy for providing me an unforgettable experience that I continue to reminisce about on a daily basis. And to those wondering if this is the clinic for you, don’t second guess yourself after reading this, take the next step toward bettering your health and make an appointment with a team of highly trained physical therapists that are devoted to providing the most up to date research based practices to ensure you meet your own individualized goals while making you feel a part of their Ohana in the process.”


Kate Allen

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